Halloween Mystery Pack

Halloween Mystery Pack


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Halloween Mystery Pack 🔥

The only way to find out what's inside the Halloween Mystery Pack is... to open it up! Look inside and find out!

The Halloween Mystery Pack is a special selection of some of the spookiest 😱 Cocorino Stickers at an insane low price.

For $9.99 you get 4 to 5 stickers, and free shipping worldwide! Absolutely incredible! Each pack has a commercial value of over $35 🔥

You will not know what stickers you‘re be getting and we are sure this will spike your curiosity even more!

This is also a very special gift for all your friends and because each Halloween Mystery Pack contains several different stickers: you can also purchase more than one for yourself or your best friends! 🎁 Bring it on!

Each order is a surprise, and a real deal too: buying the contents individually would cost a lot more than getting them in this exciting boxed bundle.


In a nutshell:

5 scary mystery stickers 😱
Always awesome designs
Always worth $35+ in store
Exclusive items!

Grab them at the introductory price of $9.99. This offer is not going to last for long! 🤓

What are you waiting for? Some awesome surprise is waiting for you!

You are going to be the coolest between your friends! 😇


Can I gift someone the Halloween Mystery Pack?

Absolutely YES! Just buy it and send over the address you want the Sticker-pack to be delivered to. You can also include a personal message for your beloved ones.

This makes the Halloween Mystery Pack the perfect gift. Everyone loves stickers and remember, life is happier with stickers!


Size and Stickers Material:


All the stickers are printed on premium Vinyl. These are premium stickers with 100% original designs.
The cut is sharp and all the stickers are die-cut.
The size varies between 2 and 3 inches for each sticker (2,5" as a rule of thumb).
Depending on the stickers we have Matte or Glossy Finishing (mainly matte).
We also do special stickers editions that are printed on Holographic material and feel very unique.


Top Features:


1. Limited Edition
2. Amazing Outdoor Quality
3. Water and Weather resistant!
4. They can go on cars, laptops, phones, skateboards and other cool stuff!
5. Free Shipping Worldwide

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